Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

Tease in Mango Temptation™, an exotic kiss of mango nectar and sexy hibiscus.

Experience the luxury of fragrance. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a sexy touch of scent. 250ml

RM50 inclusive of shipping


iz_wany said...

da lam cri VS
ni sume price termasuk postage ke???
ready stock or pre order???
gift set da x???

Perfumes Farm said...

price termasuk postage.
yang ada dalam ni semua ready stock.
gift set kena pre-order. =)

♕ niaa ♔ said...

da cnth gift set x????
kalo pre order bp lma????

Perfumes Farm said...


boleh tinggalkan emel niaa? nanti saya emel contoh..=)

2minggu untuk sampai dari US..

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