Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Angel Sleep Tee | Pre-Order

Perfumes Farm is glad to bring you the Sleep Tee from Victoria's Secret. There are four designs available.

The price for this tee is RM12050% deposit is required to confirm your order.

Choose your favorite design and then choose your size using this chart.

Once done choosing, sms me at 0137026923 and let me know your chosen color and size.

This pre-order will be opened until 24th October 2011. It will take approximately two weeks to arrive in Malaysia.

Confirmed Order
1) Kema - XS 2 - Blue - PJ
2) Syarifah Najihah - XS 2 - Blue - Seremban
3) Nelly - S4 - White - PJ

For those who haven't place your order, you have another 3 days. =)


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