Friday, 7 October 2011

VS Fantasies : The Revamped

Hi Everyone,

I believe you had watched the video of Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel during the launching ceremony of VS Fantasies.

For those who are still blur about VS Fantasies, this entry is dedicated to you. =)

VS Fantasies is the revamped version of Secret Garden Collection. It had been launched in July 2011 at Los Angeles.

What is Secret Garden Collection? Secret Garden Collection (now known as VS Fantasies) was the best-selling fragrant body care collection. The new VS Fantasies has 14 different scents and can be categorized to four distinct themes.

Theme 1: Flirty Florals
a)      Love Spell
b)      Pure Seduction
c)       Lost in Fantasy
d)      Ravishing Love
e)      Wild Scarlet

Theme 2: Tempting Fruits
a)      Pear Glace
b)      Mango Tempation
c)       Strawberries & Champagne

Theme 3: Soft Florals
a)      Sheer Love
b)      Secret Charm
c)       Endless Love

Theme 4: Seductive Warms
a)      Amber Romance
b)      Coconut Passion
c)       Vanilla Lace

The best part of the VS Fantasies is, it has the complete range of body care solution. Each scent comes in at least 4 different products (Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Cream, Body Butter and Fragrance Mist)

So, do not wait. Pamper yourself with this branded body care solution and be as gorgeous as Candice Swanepoel. =)

p/s: email me at to request for a copy of VS Fantasies catalogue.


Noni Safuani said...

Yay! Liking the themes categories..and the revamped name is sexier ^^

bersama kak Es said...

it's make me fresh just looking at the fragrance

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